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How It Works

WinkSprout is a technology platform designed to bring like-minded influencers and brands together. Our platform helps influencers leverage their passion and audience to earn revenue and receive amazing products while their followers gain exposure to fantastic products and discounts. Our intelligent platform finds these relationships and matches you with the right brands that fit your ethos, style, and vibe!


First things first! Are you an established or up-and-coming influencer? Great! Apply and fill out the WinkSprout application. Please be detailed and help us get to know you!


The WinkSprout team will review your application and verify your account. Please be sure to provide accurate contact information. If selected, you will receive an invitation to the WinkSprout platform.


You will be matched with like-minded brands so you can start accepting products for reviews. Follow our product review guidelines for your caption post and build great brand relationships.


Post with your own unique links and strengthen your relationship with your audience. Your followers receive unique discount codes while you generate potential revenue from sales of your reviewed products.


Winksprout is a new and innovative influencer technology platform that works with established and up and coming companies looking to partner with established and up and coming Influcners such as yourself. With our early adoption model our brands are waiting to meet you and provide you with Free products to review and post about on your Instagram page, all whilst earning you revenue on sold items due to your posting efforts. So get in on the ground floor and take advantage of this amazing opportunity with WinkSprout and start upping your content creation with free products all whilst making commissions for doing what you love!
Upon completion of your onboarding questionnaire (Hyperlinked) we will review your profile for authenticity and completion, and hand select profiles that will be a great fit for our product/brand sponsors. Influencer selection can take up to 72 hours, upon selection you will receive a welcome email notification letting you know that you have been selected, and further instructions for logging in to our enhanced platform

*Wink Sprout offers Equal employment opportunities and do not discriminate against influcner applicants based upon certain characteristics, such as age, race, color, creed, sex, religion, and disability.
No! Never, in fact once we have matched you with one of our brand partners for a product review we will also make sure that your FREE products are delivered to you free of charge. The process of you receiving said products will also be available for you to see and track in your affiliate dashboard.
To be in good standing and to continually receive FREE products from our brand network, we expect you to try the product and review it favorably on your Instagram account through one (1) picture post and one (1) video story tagging the company and providing a discount link (which we provide to you) recommending the product.

All posts made for our brands will have a double pay opportunity:

  1. Payment per post based on your profile score (this will be established after onboarding)
  2. Any sales generated from your post will generate revenues which will be established before you post from said brand, all trackable in live time through your affiliate dashboard. Commissions earned will be paid out automatically on a monthly basis straight into your bank account or Paypal.
WinkSprout guarantees you a pay out per post based on your profile score, which can grow in time as you grow (think of it as giving yourself a pay rise every time your page hits new milestones!) We can not guarantee revenues generated on your posts promoting the said products, however the more engaged you are with your posts and content creation on your social media channels, the higher the chance you will see sales generated through your efforts, AND don’t forget you are receiving all these beautiful products FREE of charge, and paid per post! The more effort you put into your review (and your page content)  the more organic the post will become and that’s when you influence people who buy.
How much revenue would you like to receive on our WinkSprout platform? Participating in our early adoption model we will guide you and make sure that we do not overload you with too many posts and sacrifice quality and authenticity.  We recommend posting a minimum of once a week so you can free yourself up for more free products, and more chances of generating revenue through your unique referral sales link. Once your review is completed, it will stay up on your Instagram feed for the duration of your account being active. Our goal is to let you review as many products as you feel comfortable, that could be from 4 to 10 brands a month.
Yes! If our Brand partners are super impressed with your professionalism or take notice that your post/story sold “X” amounts of units, they will definitely want to work with you again and send you new products for review!
We are here to help you succeed on your continued journey of being an influencer, not only do we offer online support through email but we are staffed by real people located here in southern California to answer any questions you may have. We provide you with tutorial videos on the best way to post reviews in their best light  (but you're probably already a pro!) and also a tutorial video and instructions you can reference to help you navigate through your affiliate dashboard.
Contact us immediately on our support line at (email inserted here) explaining to us why you do not like the product, and we will privately contact the brand for you, and connect them with a more suitable influencer. Through your onboarding questionnaire we do our utmost best to match you with suitable brands to match your ethos and vibe, turning down a product review does not affect your eligibility to receive more Free products from our brand partners.
If you can not adhere to our posting guidelines or are reported tardy (we check) by the brands you could be dropped from our Influencer platform, and you would stop receiving all these awesome products!
If you are lucky enough to be picked to join our network of Influencers you will be receiving the latest products from established and upcoming brands for FREE! Not only will this help your Instagram page look more authentic, it will also fast track you and your page to be noticed and continually grow amongst your peers, all whilst getting paid per post!....AND from products you post about that create a sale! What are you waiting for? Sign Up to WinkSprout today!

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If you have questions, please contact us. We are happy to help!

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Apply For Early Access

WinkSprout is a new platform with many established influencers already on board. By joining early, you will have access to special features and promotions. Once accepted, you will be able to manage many brand relationship opportunities and earn income doing what you love. Submit your information below to apply!
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